REview of “The Best Man Holiday”

The Best Man Holiday

This flick was not made with me in mind – I’m not young, I’m not good looking, I’m not hip, and I’m not black. Even still, this movie cracked me up. The characters were beautiful with perfect skin, perfect hair, and perfect bodies…and those were the men! I went home and did, like, 10 sit-ups. That’s eight more than I did all of last year; these dudes were inspiring!
If you get a chance, check this one out on Netflix. 
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REview of “The Book Thief”

The Book Thief

To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure if the world needed another World War II/Holocaust movie, but I liked this nonetheless. Liesel, played dazzlingly by Sophie Nelisse, made this movie with a combination of childhood innocence and willingness to take grave risks to care for someone she loved. Geoffrey Rush, who was nominated for an Oscar for “The Kings Speech” was also really good, and his character demonstrated the mortal fear that must have been experienced by the men in Germany who refused to join the Nazi party during the war. The decision to make death the narrator made this movie unique. All in all, I’d suggest you see this, but wait for the video. 
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PREviews for December 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and there are some movies out there that might make it even more wonderful. And a few that look like stinkers. 

Lone Survivor
Peter Burg direct this, and he was also involved with TV hits Chicago Hope and Friday Night Lights. This movie stars the multi talented Mark Wahlberg and is about a SEAL team mission. Notwithstanding the deep sense of inadequacy I feel having written the foregoing sentences, I will probably go see this one. 
August: Osage County
Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts starring in a movie that includes the phrase “strong willed women” in the title. They had me at Meryl Streep. 
“I’d like to know if Anthony ever thought of me. I’ve thought of him every day”. A character played by Judi Dench goes to find the son she was forced to put up for adoption. This looks really, really good. 
Out of the Furnace
This is from the same guy who directed “Crazy Heart”. Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck. I don’t think I need to know anything else. I’ll be seeing this one. 
American Hustle
David O. Russell brings back together Amy Adams and Christian Bale from “The Fighter”, which he directed, and Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper from “Silver Linings Playbook”, which he also directed. With that pedigree, it’s going to really chap my behind if this movie stinks. 
Inside Llewyn Davis
A movie about 1960s folk music by the Coen Brothers. This looks really weird. This looks really offbeat. This looks like good entertainment.  I’ll definitely be checking it out. 
The Wolf of Wall Street
A Martin Scorsese movie about a Wall Street crook played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah, this is a must see. It’s three hours long.  Still, I’m gonna to see it. 
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Will Ferrell returns as Ron Burgundy. You know how “There’s Something About Mary” was stupid but we laughed anyway?  You know how “Dumb and Dumber” was stupid but we laughed anyway? Based strictly on the trailer, this one just looks stupid. That said, I will probably recall how funny Will Ferrell was in “Talledega Nights” and go see it anyway. 
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
As you may know, The Sectet Life of Walter Mitty first appeared as a short story in the New Yorker in 1939. The spirit of this short story has lived on all these years. According to Wikipedia, someone who is being Mittyesque “attempts to mislead or convince others that he is something that he is not”. I love that Ben Stiller took on such obscure source material and is directing this movie in which he also stars, but the trailer makes this just look like a confusing mess. 
Saving Mr. Banks
Academy Award winner Tom Hanks starring as Walt Disney is joined by Academy Award winner Emma Thompson. Paul Giamatti is also in the movie, as is Colin Farrell. Doesn’t what you read so far make you want to go see this?  Me, too. Then I watched the trailer and lost my buzz. 
If you are in the mood to watch people get beat up and stuff get blown up, this looks like it might be for you. Me, not so much. Written by Sylvester Stallone. 
A vengeance story by Spike Lee. Supposedly very violent. I do not feel the need to see this. 
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REview of “Dallas Buyers Club”

Dallas Buyers Club
Want to go see a movie that’s sure to win awards?  Go see this. 
Will it be Jared Leto who will win awards for his depiction of the transsexual, drug addled, kind hearted  Rayon, or will it be Matthew McConaughey for his depiction of the racist, homophobic, degenerate Ron Woodroof?  The answer to that question for me is a tossup. 

McConaughey lost 40 pounds to do this movie, and he and all the other players brought their A game. Set in the mid 1980s during the early stages of the AIDS epidemic, this is about redemption and how the fight for survival can break down barriers and create some unlikely friendships. 
Based on a true story, and with a budget of under $5 million, Dallas Buyers Club was 20 years in the making. If you like stories about someone who won’t take no for an answer, go see this flick. 

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Review of “The Counselor”

The Counselor (2013)
Creatively sick; that’s the best way I can describe this one.
Well written.
Well acted.
Probably a not-too-exaggerated description of how things work south of the border when you’re dealing with Mexican drug lords. Javier Bardem continues to build his track record convincingly playing psychos. Michael Fassbender makes you feel the pain of a man who has made bad decisions that cannot be undone. Penelope Cruz plays a somewhat minor role.  Cameron Diaz shows her chops as a dramatic actress – this ain’t “There’s Something About Mary” – not even close.
All in all, I’d say wait for the video.
IMDb with trailer

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