PREviews for March 2014

OK, this won’t take long. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel
OK, you just gotta watch this trailer. It looks like it might be at once pointless and hilarious. Or it might just be pointless. I’ll probably invest $11.50 and find out for myself so I can report back. 
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Russell Crowe starring as the Biblical character, joined by Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. Notwithstanding that this was directed by the same guy who brought us “Black Swan” (which I thought was horrible), it still looks like it might be worth a try. 

Same director as “Prisoners”.  Jake Gyllenhaal starring in what appears to be a psychological thriller about a man seeking his exact look alike. The trailer does not make me want to buy a ticket. 
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REview of “Monuments Men”

Monuments Men

I like art. 
I like World War II movies. 
I like movies that bring to light obscure historical events. 

I like George Clooney.  Who doesn’t?  The man puts his good looks and talent to work to make cool movies. 
He tries to make a difference in the world, as well. He’s a great American. 
All of this to say that I’m bummed to report I didn’t love this movie.  
With apologies to Clooney & Co. for damning it with faint praise I liked it fine. Just didn’t love it. 
In its own way it’s an important movie because of the subject matter. Clearly, someone decided to make this into a movie instead of a documentary so that it could appeal to a wider audience. Great idea. Average movie. 

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PREviews for February 2014

My thoughts on February’s movie offerings.

Monuments Men
Seven museum directors and art historians sent into Germany to save treasured art works from destruction by the Nazis. Directed by and starring Clooney. Also starring Damon, Goodman, and Blanchett.  A compelling story with acting by people who are still recognizable even when only their last names are used.
I’m in!
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Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore starring.  In this flick Neeson’s character is an air marshal who’s either the good guy who will save everybody or the bad guy who’s working with the terrorists who are threatening to blow up the plane if the ransom’s not paid.
Oh yeah, I’m gonna see this one for sure.
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Winter’s Tale
I find the trailer hard to follow, which usually means the movie will be hard to follow. I almost dismissed this one simply for that reason but decided to dig a little deeper.  The cast includes Colin Farrell, Russell Crow, and Will Smith, but we all know a great cast does not guarantee a great movie – or even a good movie. So I dig deeper still.
Akiva Goldsmith wrote the screenplay, and he also wrote the screenplay for “A Beautiful Mind”.  OK, now I’m a little more interested.  I keep digging, give the trailer another try.  Still no joy.
Then I looked at the genre listing on IMDb and noticed that they classified it as Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Romance. What? Now I’m really confused.  Which is it?!  Drama? Fantasy? Mystery? Romance?
Then I looked at the release date: Valentine’s Day. Now I understand, somebody at Warner Brothers wanted to have a movie to sell on Valentine’s Day. As the great philosopher Navin Johnson, star of The Jerk might say: “Oh, it’s a profit deal!”  I’m happy for others to profit; it’s just that I think they should be required to entertain me first.
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3 Days to Kill
Looks to me like Kevin Costner is starring in a another cliché that’s been turned into a motion picture.
No thanks.
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Son of God
The story of the life of Jesus starring a bunch of people you’ve never heard of who have all been in a bunch of movies you’ve never heard of. What’s this about? Produced by Mark Burnett, creator of Survivor.
Yep, you read that right folks.  A movie about Jesus by the guy who made millions exploiting otherwise-normal people who so wanted a shot at fame that they were willing to go on TV and eat bugs while dressed in their underwear. I’m the least uptight person I know when it comes to religion, but doesn’t Burnett’s involvement make this movie creepy on some fundamental level?
No thanks.
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REview of “August: Osage County”

August: Osage County
I have never seen either Meryl Streep or and Julia Roberts look less attractive, less appealing, or more at the top of their game. Dermont Mulroney plays the idiot, pothead fiancée as only he could.  Chris Cooper plays the knowing old man he always plays.  Juliette Lewis plays the character she has so often and so skillfully played before – 50% hot and 100% stupid.  Had this been a 2012 movie, I have little doubt it would have cleaned up at the Oscars.  Since it came out in a year when we had so many good flicks, it just hasn’t gotten the attention this reviewer thinks it should have gotten.  

Mom/daughter toxicity played out at high volume.  
The almost inevitable resentment-fueled anger at the siblings who left town by the siblings who stayed behind with mom. 
The almost inevitable undercurrent of guilt-fueled anger at the siblings who stayed behind with mom by the siblings who left town.
It’s been said that hurt people hurt people. It’s also been said that you are only as sick as your secrets. The characters in this movie hurt each other and have a lot of secrets.
If it’s a lot of drama and a little humor you seek, this movie’s for you. There’s also at least a slight whiff of hope for the possibility for freedom in the end.
I really liked this movie, and I hope you’ll take the time to see it either now or later.
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REview of “Lone Survivor”

Lone Survivor

“I’m shot!”
“We’re ALL shot!” Can you fight?!!”
That exchange pretty much sums up the attitude of the Navy SEALS in this movie.It’s all machismo from beginning to end, only this is a real story - something pretty close to this really happened in the most God forsakenly remote place imaginable. This movie is to Afghanistan what Saving Private Ryan was to World War II. Remember the realism of Saving Private Ryan?  Think similar realism only this time the fighters are in the mountains instead of on the beach.  If the sight of blood makes you squeamish, skip this movie. Mark Wahlberg is at his best here, and Taylor Kitsch finally has a winner on his resume beyond his stint as high school quarterback Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights.
I liked this a lot, but unless you’re just in a hurry to see it, I’d say wait for it on Netflix.IMDb with trailer


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