Review of “The Campaign”

Talladega Nights and Wag the Dog made a baby! Who knew movies could breed and make other movies?
Call me silly, but when I go to a comedy, I expect to laugh. Just laugh.

That’s all I really want. This movie delivered that for me. It was just plain funny. But beyond the considerable hilarity, this movie also makes some points that need to be made about the state of politics today. There are scenes that mock many of the things we’ve come to take for granted – spin, narcissism, the corporate ownership of politicians, trying to create scenes for the camera crews.

As you may know, one of my fundamental beliefs is that good comedy is true. Well, this movie is loaded with truth, and if I reflected much about how the truths pointed to by this comedic movie depress me, I’d lose the buzz I got from watching it.

The chemistry between Will Farrell and Zach Galifinakis is great, and apparently there was a lot of improvisation between the two of them. On the off chance you want to dive a little deeper, here’s a link to an interview with Charlie Rose

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Review of “Ted”

OK, a stuffed bear that comes alive and swears in a Boston accent. Not exactly highbrow, I know, but the premise gets your attention, doesn’t it?

Mila Kunis wasn’t given the great dialog to work with that she had in Friends With Benefits, but she was good in this.

And ya gotta love Mark Walberg. Ever read this guy’s bio? You can get to it from the imdb link below – pretty impressive. He’s been a serious talent since he was a kid.

Enough about the humans, this movie’s about the talking bear. I wouldn’t want him there if the kiddies were around, but he’s hilarious.

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